Carin Lossnitzer Dolls
Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls

Carin Lossnitzer was born in West-Berlin, Germany, surrounded by art since her early years. She discovered a special love for "children from the whole world" when she lived in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Having fifteen years experience in repairing antique dolls with love and great enthusiasm, she began in 1982 designing and molding her first "Dribble Baby".

By 1984 her natural and childlike dolls stood in the limelight when Carin Lossnitzer received two gold medals at the International Doll Competition in Luzern, Switzerland. Through the decision, made in 1988, to replicate her "Dribble Baby" in cooperation with the Goetz Dolls Company, it is possible for more doll lovers and collectors around the world to purchase these unique dolls.

The character of her doll children is shown in their laughing, crying, or sulking expression. They are able to suck their thumb, play with their feet and also put their big toe in their mouth. The body is soft and sturdy, with just enough weight. Each baby is flexible and has many possibilities to move.

Another special feature of these lovely natural baby dolls are their outfits designed by the artist herself. Each dress and play suit is made of specially selected and finest fabrics, laces, embroideries and bows.

At the first sight these charming molded doll children of highest artistic standards will warm your heart and be loved by doll lover and collectors of modern designer dolls.

Every "Dribble Baby" has head, arms and legs of high quality vinyl. The body is made of cotton fabric and filled with stuffing material and granulated pieces. The expressive eyes are hand-blown glass crystal. Each baby has the designer's name "CARLOS" which stands for Carin Lossnitzer printed in the neck.
Carin Lossnitzer Dolls ยท Collectible Vinyl Artist Dolls
Araya, Armado, Aurelia, Bao, Bian, Dawa, Dina, Emmy, Gloria, Jessi, Lena, Li Hua, Mariana, Marius, Masika, Mei Fong, Nyima, Normah, Raja, Shei Ming, Takia, Tandra I, Tandra II, Walaja, Zaja.